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An important part of production lines are Multi-Step systems, which are also known as paternosters. Paternosters became a global food production trend. Melvia provides a full range of Multi-Step systems. Systems are custom made, designed and produced to meet the high safety and stringent hygiene requirements of the production process.

The general principle of all systems is a system for moving product carriers (sections of forms, trays, etc.) using parallel chains with grippers located on two opposite sides of the paternoster, which form tiers. Due to the fact that the step speeds are individually adjustable for each section, this allows for a wide range of proofing or cooling processes to be configured. Systems operate on a “step” principle.

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key features

High-quality materials, such as stainless steel and more
Large selection of accessories and features
Energy-saving systems for more money efficiency
External sheet metal surfaces with a choice of coating
Polyurethane insulation of different thicknesses
A wide range of options tailored to your needs

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Why Step systems?

  • The compact design of the cabinet allows for maximising use of the available height of the room with a significantly reduced floor space footprint.
  • The systems are well suited for production lines with both high and low production rates
  • Using different types of molds and trays.
  • Consistent regulation of time, temperature, and humidity
  • Reliable and durable construction
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Types of paternosters
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